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Vivishine 120ml

Vivishine 120ml


Vivishine 120ml

Out of stock.

Vivishine 120ml

Vivishine is a favourite with latex lovers for a long lasting deep shine.

Instructions for use  -

Hand wash your latex using a non-antibacterial soap eg a gentle or fragrance free handwash and rinse to ensure there is no soap residue.

Add a small amount of Vivishine to enough clean, tepid water to cover the item you'd like to shine.  

Dip your latex in and swish it around to ensure that it has been thoroughly covered by the solution.

Hang your item and leave it to air dry.

Vivishine will leave your item smooth and shiny and prevent it from sticking together.

Dosage guide - 

For a full catsuit add 1 tablespoon to enough clear, tepid water to submerge your latex.  The volume of water is not important just as long as you have enough to dip and swish. 

If oilly droplets are still visible after shaking off the water then the dosage was too high. This will not damage your latex in a any way but will attract fluff unneccessarily.

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